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  • Right handed, primarily use right thumb for space bar.

    12 44.44%
  • Right handed, primarily use left thumb for space bar.

    3 11.11%
  • Right handed, use both right and left thumb equally.

    1 3.70%
  • Left handed, primarily use right thumb for space bar.

    2 7.41%
  • Left handed, primarily use left thumb for space bar.

    1 3.70%
  • Left handed, use both right and left thumb equally.

    1 3.70%
  • Ambidextrous, primarily use right thumb for space bar.

    1 3.70%
  • Ambidextrous, primarily use left thumb for space bar.

    1 3.70%
  • Ambidextrous, use both right and left thumb equally.

    0 0%
  • I do not primarily use my thumbs to hit the space bar.

    5 18.52%
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Thread: Which thumb do you space with?

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    I finally got that new keyboard. I wanted a mechanical keyboard, and I needed one with a sturdy frame because I don't sit my keyboard on a tray, but rather mount it with velcro to the actual tray arm. I found an awesome one. While backlighting was one of my criteria, the rgb effects was not. The keyboard I chose happened to have them and though I find them extremely frivolous and silly, I'm having fun with them.

    I am not disappointed in the sturdiness of this thing. It's got an aircraft aluminum chassis. I think I could probably beat someone to death with it and then go back to typing if I needed to. It doesn't have any of those flimsy wrist rest attachments or plastic accouterments most keyboards have. All the bells and whistles are accomplished via the function key. The USB cord is pretty beefy too. It came in a plain brown box and the instruction manual is the size of a 3x5 card folded in half, which you can get away with if you don't wax on about the dangers of sticking your head in a plastic bag and whatnot before ever getting around to any useful info. It is plug and play.

    It took me a moment to become accustomed to the clickety-clack of the mechanical switch keys, but now that I'm accustomed, I'm sort of in love with the sound. Makes me feel like I'm really doing something, and I think it sort of speeds up my typing somehow. Oh, it came with a key removal tool and a bag of extra blue-switches. Yay for that.

    I'm going to give this keyboard 5 stars initially.

    Anyway, here's a link to the crazy thing on amazon.
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    Right handed, if i were to spit ball I'd say I used my right thumb to space 90-98% of the time. Sometimes my left thumb goes down but it's actually my right that spaces. When I use one of those ergo star trek key boards I use my left more frequently often times if the last letter I type before needing to space is on the left hand, then I'll double up and use my left. I also find I'll drop my middle finger on my right hand to space. It's a way to spring off when I have to stretch and use my index finger to hit a y or 7. How my brain knows what's coming next is beyond me. I mean I know the words i want to type before I type them but I'm not consciously thinking "use middle to push off to save time here." In fact, when I try to think about what finger am I using I'll trip myself up.

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