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Thread: JohnClay's Christmas book/ebook

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilith View Post
    With pixelated images I meant the images you attached, not your eBook. I checked it on a desktop first time, it looked fine.

    Just follow Kindle’s recommended pixel ratio and you’d be fine.

    Best to avoid changes to your manuscript or book cover once you published it. After changes will cause considerable inconveniences for those who already purchased your eBook. They will have to update their version or worse download it again.
    Ok thanks I won't upload it again. I am uploading a new version of the paper back though because sometimes things get too close to the middle/spine.

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    So I came up with the video for a YouTube ad but at the moment I don't have a decent site to link the video to if they click it...

    The voice over includes text from the main book/ebook description. The original video was 832 x 1080 but after I uploaded the max resolution it is showing has a height of 720.

    This project seems to alternate from good to bad and when I'm trying really hard to be successful it seems to get worse.

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