Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed your Christmas with the glazed hams and eggnog and/or Hanukkah with your manichevitz and Chinese take-out. Now that the extended fam is gone and your back on the forum peeking around for some new threads, I present to you: the DISC assessment. The DISC was created by William Moulton Marston -a Harvard educated psychologist/inventor- pioneer of the polygraph and creator of the Wonder Woman comic. His aim was to create an entirely different aptitude assessment. Did he do it?

Most recently I was reading a book by ole horse teeth, Tony Robin, and it led me to this website. I ended up taking the DISC assessment. When I was done I was sent like a 50 page comprehensive work up on my results. Wow.

DISC graphic

But in the end it wasn't worth my time. Kinda like this forum. Have fun!