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Thread: Carl Jung in short

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    Carl Jung in short

    So after taking several tests on the internet and always getting ENTP, which is one of the most commons i've gotten over the years, ENFP and ESTP are others i decided to cut through bullshit and understand the basic principle Jung exposes in his work.
    That is: extravertion is focused on the object thus it is change, movement, action, and opportunistic. Extravertion is detached.
    introvertion is focused on the subject thus it is steadiness, hatching, preservation, development. Introvertion is attached.
    Let's compare both dom intuitive types. Ne and Ni. Ne imagery will be grounded in reality, it has to support itself through it, throught its brenches, its momentary, needed as a solution and to implement.
    Ni imagery will have no base so that base will have to be hatched, built from within, rendering the low pixelated visualization of it that by itself we don't understand, it is the process of growing with it what makes it a solution.
    Imagine a workshop of artists, let's say a group of 4 guys need to come up with ideas for a given project, they have 30 minutes for it. I'm pretty sure the Ni type would feel uncomfortable. Not that he/she doesn't understand what brainstorming is, they can, the thing is that those proposals are so detached and objective that have no meaning on their own but solving a problem. Ne types will bring tons of related ideas. They won't evaluate them when they generate them, rendered in 4k, Ni types can't even try to do so because their vision is in 144pp, they have no clue of what's going on. That's why so many people thinks of Ni types as crazy.
    I have many of those experiences through my life, people saying i was crazy, you speak so weird, what are you talking about? so on. Because our realizations are distorted from reality and attached to us. I believe there's a user in INTPf who might be actually crazy and he's the best example of a crazy Ne, in contrast to the bible (Ni), you get the Hart's Rules (Ne).

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    So are you saying you're an ENTP with Ni?

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    I score INTP in MBTI, but Ni comes out on equal footing to Ti if I take the "functions" tests.

    The member Reckless was real big into all the theory, and had some theories to explain that..

    I can't remember my login details for the INTJf
    Those who begin coercive elimination of dissent soon find themselves exterminating dissenters. Compulsory unification of opinion achieves only the unanimity of the graveyard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinny View Post
    I score INTP in MBTI, but Ni comes out on equal footing to Ti if I take the "functions" tests.
    The "P" means your perceiving function is extroverted...

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