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Thread: Quantum Gravity Research E8, golden ratio, etc

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    Quantum Gravity Research E8, golden ratio, etc

    The group "Quantum Gravity Research" made a slick 30 minute video called "What is Reality?"

    It talks about the future creating the past - retro-causality time loops:

    About bringing consciousness into physics on the Planck scale:

    "Scientific Clues That We Are Living In the Matrix" (not really recommended)
    "A self-organising program as opposed to a program that was programmed by some programmers".
    "It has been known since the 1970s... E8.... the only object that unifies all of the fundamental particles and forces including gravity"
    “All particles and forces are variant shadows of the vertex relationships in E8”

    About E8 / 8 dimensional crystals:
    "The E8 Lie group has applications in theoretical physics and especially in string theory and supergravity"

    E8 lattice:
    Rotating the Gosset polytope: (the other video links are often interesting)

    Golden ratios:

    a/b = 1.618...
    b/c = 1.618...
    c/d = 1.618...
    The golden ratio is related to black holes in 3 ways!
    It seems they have 15 research scientists. Since they'd mainly agree about things it seems their theories are pretty good.

    Their site has a lot more research papers, presentations, videos, etc, which can get extremely technical.

    Anyway I'd recommend their initial 30 minute video. They say they have reasons why the speed of light is the value it is though I haven't come across their explanation yet.
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