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Thread: INTP quest for knowledge...why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hephaestus View Post
    Hmm. I don't think the idea came across.

    What I'm thinking is this: your present world view, your present state-space, is largely formed by your present knowledge (including experience). Gaining knowledge then, alters your world view and changes your state space, ideally opening up your options, less ideally affirming that what you thought was an option was really just a terrible plan all around. Usually that second outcome comes after implementation of said terrible plan, but them's the breaks.

    From this worldview then, attaining more knowledge is an escape from your present reality to a new one: the one where you are less bounded by the limitations of your own ignorance. Hence, escaping ignorance.
    sounds like you your defending his point of view. above all else i could sense that he was genuine in his desire to understand when he asked the question and to be honest i cant even remembered if or what i answered.
    Just look at the blue sky

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    The more general question is why does any type do anything in particular? Dominant Se types have to get physical, I live by a park and see these folks out there in the worst weather hitting ball, after ball after ball. They're like machines. Likewise I'm sure they see me acquiring knowledge and analyzing to a sickening degree (from their perspective).

    I believe that a Function is simply a motivation. Ne is a information gathering function, or rather information gathering motivation. Digging deeper we can now wonder why do Ne dominants/auxiliaries have this need for knowledge. Well, everybody does, we all have an information gathering function in the top two. This should make sense, for a psyche to be viable (able to survive) you would expect it would primarily have a high motivation to get information (S/N) and make a decision based on it (T/F). And so with type we see those two in the upper stack in some combination.

    What's not clear to me is if this is purely an evolutionary result (which I doubt given the information density of the genome) or if it's a necessary component of a conscious psyche (my tentative theory).

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    The world is a hostile place which cannot be trusted. Horrible things happen to people, so security is highly important. Maximum security can be attained through maximum power. One way to get power is to know what's going on in the world. You could also be really popular, or really rich, but those have their disadvantages too.

    Also probably signalling.

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