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Thread: I never stand up for anything

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    I never stand up for anything

    Yeah, i noticed recently at real life that i find myself fighting against people as if i cared so much about things that i really give a damn about, and then i even attack myself by defending these things and people seem to be rather skeptic and distant to me for that.
    the other day i was debating some guys who were saying that buying physical albums was equal to attending to concerts, in their view both experiences were as enlightening as paying for spotify premium.
    I mean, how can you say that?, you go to a concert and it's all about the discharge of energy, you don't go there just to record the show on your phone (unless it is Adele or smth i guess, but we were talking about rock anyway).
    I basically said i suspected the need for buying physical records had to do more with the thrill of going, finding the record in the store and having it as a trophy or smth, but you can pretty much download or buy it online, same quality, etc.
    And then they hit me back with; shit but you are the same person who's in a band and who doesn't pay spotify premium because why giving money to the artists? and you call yourself an artist?
    And i know that there's not really any contradiction in my logic, but i'm talking about a little passion for finding a path or ideology and instead just doing whatever the fuck i feel like in that moment. And while this might be a silly event, this kind of things happen all the time to me when i'm trying to socialize with people, just to push some hate out of them i might say stuff like, going to volunteer for building the wall if that's what trump meant for immigrants coming to help the country.
    Is it a bad thing to have no place you call home? is it a bad to have no team? i'm cold already.

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    I'm confused.. you said you don't stand up for yourself or your views, but when you engaged in that's debate, that precisely what you done.


    Anyway, I buy from the artists I respect and want to see succeed. The rest can suffer the perils of capitalism as far as I'm concerned.
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    Those who begin coercive elimination of dissent soon find themselves exterminating dissenters. Compulsory unification of opinion achieves only the unanimity of the graveyard.

    ~ Robert Jackson, Statesman (1892-1954)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PureViolence View Post
    just to push some hate out of them
    if you curious as to the root of your aberrant social experience, i've isolated it for you, and you're welcome.

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