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Thread: Associate your travel preferences with your MBTI preferences

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    If I'm travelling alone, I like talking to random people. Unless they're all trying to sell you something.

    When I get on a plane, I always say a polite hello to the person sitting next to me when I sit down (not meaning to start a convo or anything), but sometimes they just stare back like they have a fucking mental problem.
    Everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent. - Mao

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    I: i steal pens to fill forms just before landing so they don't retain me as a possible terrorist
    S: look for the cheapest mcdonalds or burger king to have lunch
    F: make love to several local girls and sing them songs and write them shit
    P: sorry

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    I pretty much never travel

    I - like staying home
    N - can travel in my brain, barely need world for stimulus
    T - Travel is not really the best way to learn about a place--in fact it can be deceiving. Numbers otoh don't lie.
    P - too lazy to plan a trip

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    I: Keep me away from the unwashed masses. I like Detroit airport, because it has lots of seating and empty gates. One of the most introvert friendly airports, plus, more likely to get upgrades as the cross-continent herd stampede through ATL, SLC, DFW, IAD etc.
    N: I don't usually need to read, I can spend hours processing information, even conversations and how future ones might go.
    T: Thinking of eugenics, half of these mouthbreathers shouldn't be here. Thinking the guy having a conversation with the clerk at the front of a retail line should phone a friend if he's feeling lonely. Thinking I'd like a coffee, but not enough to want to stand in a sheep dip line for it. Think this fucking California smogbowl dwelling, vapid, seating deprived, chicken coup airport has no dividers between the urinals. Think that asshole who just coughed nearby should have stayed home. Think my immunity is being hardened by small dose exposure.
    X: I have an itinerary and a backup plan, but if the connection is tight, I'm just going to wing it and not even run. Fuck that. On vacation, I will see what I feel like doing on a day-to-day basis, maybe hourly, maybe by the minute!
    We live here now.

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    I: like to travel, but with my home, like a turtle. When I've had enough, back to the motor home. If it's a flying trip where hotels are necessary, the hotel will do.
    N: I tend to infer a lot from a few chance encounters. In two or three conversations with locals, my opinion is formed, at least for the time being. I want to see as much as possible, but based on these impressions, some places I want to see once, some more than once.
    T: I live in a nice town in a good house and a scenic state. But novelty is good for my mind and even my imagination. As a traveler, I'm a browser. See some stuff, get a feel for the place and move on. There's always more to see. Second trips to even a great place aren't quite as good as the first trip.
    P: There is enormous variation on Earth and in humanity. I do not occupy a privileged position in that experience space because I happen to be me. I like to take it in, this variation. I also prefer driving.

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