I think the angel in "Highway to Heaven" could possibly exist in real life - I mean almost everyone he interacts with doesn't notice anything supernatural. If they do they'd just think it happened by chance. Kind of how conspiracy theories could conceivably be true since they also don't predict hard evidence.

He doesn't ever eat, drink or sleep. He has supernatural knowledge of things including the future though he lies about where that information came from. He can make things happen using his thoughts. He can materialize objects out of thin air. He let someone punch him in the face twice without getting hurt to show how he can "turn the other cheek" and then he showed him how superhumanly strong he is. He is very good at changing people for the better.

He sometimes has tears in his eyes because of how he is helping other people. I sometimes get a lot of tears too when watching the show. It is on Netflix now. I used to watch it as a kid. I remember an episode where a girl said she would be a dolphin when she died and later they said that maybe she was... so it isn't really a Christian show which suits me fine.

There are a lot of angels in the Bible but I really like the one portrayed in this show. He goes from place to place helping people without them suspecting the supernatural. I like that version of an angel. He talks about his "boss" rather than calling him God, etc. BTW I don't really believe in the supernatural though the show is really good.