Hi this is an actors class where we'll play a different game/exercise every week using pretend to improve your creativity. This week you'll assume the identity of an animal or an object. Then you pick a topic and talk about it from your character's perspective. Here's an example. I choose my object to be a stick of gum. Preface: some of you may feel compelled to imitate Disney or Pixar productions and in the case of a stick of gum, mindlessly beg to be chewed up and used to blow bubbles with, because that's the best! But that's a cop-out. Here's what you do. A stick of gum isn't smart and just sits there. If it could talk this is what I imagine it would say, "I'ma sticka gum. You can chew me up or not, but either way, I'ma still be'a sticka gum." -in case you're wondering that's a Southern accent because gum is easy going and sits around all day. OMG amazing.

Now it's your turn. Let's go!