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Thread: nightmare neighbors

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    nightmare neighbors

    mine is getting an eviction notice tomorrow for her dog's uncontrollable, incessant, soul-penetrating barking

    what's your nightmare neighbor horror story?

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    I had this guy below me who didn't understand the concept that living in apartments means dealing with occasional sounds from neighbors sharing walls etc. He tried to confront me a couple times for random sounds of life like being able to hear me close my cabinets or being able to hear the TV, which I kept as low as I could for him even though I thought he was a psychotic jerk. I never blasted it or had a party or anything. Eventually he started calling the police and they would show up at my door when I was like quietly eating dinner and stuff. He also secretly got the office people at the apartment to sit in his apartment for a while to try to see if I was making noise but they didn't hear anything, and they told me about it later on. He finally moved out, I think because I... won?

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    When I was young my best friend was my dog and she yapped a lot. One day she was in the yard barking but the bark turned into whimpers, didnít know why until a week later she was barking again and I saw my neighbour reach over the fence and smack her with a broom. Took me a whole decade to reverse my resultant misanthropy.
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