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Thread: What we see like

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarIII View Post
    I was thinking about your vision when you posted that motor home thread. I was thinking it may not be a good idea for you.
    LOL, yeah

    If you had 20 pair of glasses for different levels of blurriness, would that work? Is it just that your prescription would need to change every day?
    it wouldn't cuz my vision isn't stable in general. both eyes are different and it changes every single day (after almost 20 years of wearing ortho-k contacts, which i still rely on).

    when i've got absolutely nothing to do and my sleep is perfect, i can go for weeks with pretty great vision, though. that's just not my life (having nothing to do).

    i'm considering getting lasik which would require a pretty long period of getting new prescription soft lenses every 2 weeks or so while both my eyes stabilize. it's gonna be expensive as fuck i think, so it's hard to just take the plunge and commit to that long period of transition (but it's very likely i'm gonna have to look into this).

    it's such a weird annoying problem and i'm a graphic designer who needs to see every pixel so you can imagine how frustrating this is for me.
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    I don't like crowded places at all, we found a small place because my friend wanted to but I wanted to die. My physical state has gone down, my friend who's physiotherapist told me to start doing exercise, maybe joining a gym or just running. He says my complexion is pretty good but with exercise it'll be better plus I won't be lacking oxígen, etc. But that might just be cigarettes. I used to enjoy these parties. Now I'm all about small rooms, jazz and a beer, and if it's possible blonde girl touching my leg. Life is so boring, even with all the noise. I can't tell if I'm just too tired of this place or I'm spoiled by abroad lifestyle. And I don't know what I am anymore. Sometimes I'm too talkative in private, others I'm a tomb publically. I disagree so much with everyone that it makes me think I'm mentally unhealthy in some way, or maybe I just lack the data to make it look rational, or the words to construct a diplomatic message. In the end there's no message from my side, but it seemed they wanted to steal smth from me.
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