Ever have those weird surreal moments that make you question reality?
That make you wonder for a moment that if you're either dreaming or a character in some bizarre soap opera, movie or badly written self published e-book that hasn't even been edited correctly.

Share those moments here.

Mine are often made surreal due to a particularly relevant song that happens to be playing somewhere.

My latest was Saturday night. I just lounging on my bed, reading a totally mundane news article on my phone. I still had my earphones in from watching a short video on YouTube, but not listening to anything at the time. Then a song I didn't recognise but by an artist I like a lot started playing with no indication on the screen that anything was playing. No app was open and not even "playing in the background" notification. What was surreal about it was that the song just happened to absolutely capture what I was thinking and what was going on at the time. Had I been in a movie, right at that moment the camera could have been on me slouched there with that music playing and it would have perfect sense to anyone watching the movie. Possibly interspersed with events elsewhere or earlier that day.

(It turned out that Spotify had started randomly playing a song in the background for absolutely no reason.)