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Thread: The Best News Source

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    The Best News Source

    Appears to be Wikipedia's Current Events page.

    Succinct, non-sensationalized, as neutral as reasonably possible, and all the relevant links are at your fingertips.

    I also like their "20XX in Science" summary page.

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    These headlines are listed in order of the sources I trust most. I look for the source first and read on or ignore accordingly but sometimes I read the headlines above the sources just to reinforce my rating system. These reinforce it pretty well.

    CBS: Conventional headline, no warning signs.

    NPR: I'd be skeptical without the context provided by CBS. There's implication that they're considering pardons. When you figure CBS's headline into it, NPR seems pretty likely to be sensationalizing things and being misleading.

    Washington Examiner: editorializing

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