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Thread: Guns Don't Kill People

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    Quote Originally Posted by rokki balbotox View Post
    this is real

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    This is real too.

    Whether it’s the running battles between mods and rockers in 1960s British seaside towns, or the “parental advisory” panic over the lyrical content of 90s gangsta rap, music has long been the focus of moral panic – and the latest is over UK drill, a tough, often lyrically violent subset of British rap.

    “Murders and stabbings plaguing London and other cities are directly linked to an ultra-violent new form of music sweeping Britain”, began a report in the Sunday Times, going on to detail a series of incidents in which gang violence was supposedly catalysed by drill music – MCs taunted each other in lyrical spats that, after being shared on social media, spilled over into real-life violence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jyng1 View Post
    So is this.

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