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Thread: Brushes with the best

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    I had this guy who may be the most accomplished cartoonist in Britain compliment my writing (in a post where he criticized my fixing the work of others). I wanted to take a snapshot of it when I left that forum but I think he deleted it.
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    I had quite a large school for these parts - about 1400 pupils, and was very near the top of my year in most things (save RE and Welsh which I didn't pay much attention to), but there was often someone in specific subjects who beat me. No idea what happened to the guy who beat me at Maths. There was this girl who lived a few doors away from me who was a straight A* in everything, lead part in all school plays and at least 2 instruments I can remember, but was very quiet in classes and never really spoke too much. Not someone had much contact with. She never went out much. She's been on my FB a while, and appears to be a stay at home mum of several kids now.

    I only had one romantic interest in High School, a sort of off and on thing. Childhood friends who would meet up in the summer holidays when she stayed at her dad's for a few weeks. More like friends with benefits, really. Wasn't in any classes together and never spoke in school to each other, so couldn't tell you where she was academically. Disappeared when she got into a permanent relationship some time in the sixth form, and never spoke again. I passed by them in town a few years ago, still together with 2 sprogs in tow. Seemed happy.

    There was another I had a crush on; pretty, netball and girls football (soccer to you Americans) captain and beat me in English. Not sure what she's doing now, but I know she tours Asia doing something really cool. Not many people actually got anywhere really big in our school, from what I learned at the reunion a few years ago. There was one they mentioned who became rich and moved to the US, but not someone I knew.

    In the first couple of months of Uni, I did go on a few dates with someone who ended up graduating top of the year. Really nice person, very quiet, had these really pretty blue eyes. We remained friends for a couple of years, but my University time was spend pretty much in a stoned stupor, so she was far too innocent for me. Didn't smoke, would barely drink and screamed at a wrestling demonstration by 2 of our classmates who were into semi-pro wrestling (showing us how they do those stunts without hurting each other, which fascinated me.) Stayed on compass, didn't get laid, smoke, drink, take any drugs and spent her money on food and books and all her time studying. That's some weird ass shit right there. I guess that's how you obtain success, though. Living and graduating at the top like that don't really go together. I've never had that kind of discipline.
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    i was in a relationship with one of the hottest girls on the planet (met her on my international group student class), i wouldn't be surprised if she eventually becomes the wife of some crazy loaded of money big fish or smth because she was that kind of girl, and i don't mean to be sexist or something but that kind of classy elegant yet femme fatale woman who is the wife of some international 007 agent or politician or smth
    but actually she wasn't especially good at anything in particular besides the femme fatale role XD

    met many idiots, many average, few interesting ones, very very few.

    then maybe met many good musicians who also thought i was really good, but that's kind of normal.

    but why all of this? what's the purpose of this thread?

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