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Thread: Raspberry Pi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hephaestus View Post
    @pensive_pilgrim, looks like the Jetson line is actually bigger than the NUC. Neat bit of kit though.
    The dev board is, but the module itself has a credit-card-sized footprint, and you can get much smaller carrier boards than the dev board it comes with. Like this, for example. Of course, that's even more money.

    I did consider a TinkerBoard, but my preliminary research suggested that there was a better support base for the Pi, and I'm bootstrapping pretty hard right now. I have the background to make it easier, but I'm still bootstrapping to get this going anywhere.

    I also spent a few long moments pondering the LattePanda, but apparently the board is even more slipshod their their website.
    Yeah, I don't blame you. All these manufacturers jumped into making these boards to compete with the raspberry pi, and it's hard to tell which of them are going to actually support their hardware with documentation and software. I don't think ASUS has done a great job so far. It remains to be seen whether SBCs will be popular enough for them to put in the effort; so far it seems like they are mostly a hobbyist thing.

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    @pensive_pilgrim, turns out you can run everything from a networked drive and forgo even the sd with boot.ini I thought was the minimum. That opens up all kinds of cool shit.

    I've underestimated the value of this update.
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