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Thread: Shit Humans Say

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    Shit Humans Say

    There are many times in my relatively unperturbed and placid existence when I'll overhear a snatch of conversation, or a turn of phrase, or a choice of words that strikes me as decidedly odd. Sometimes it's refreshingly unselfconscious and candid, sometimes it's laughably absurd or oxymoronic, and occasionally it's just surprising or idiosyncratic. So, in light of the incurable and delightful strangeness of our species, I thought it would be apropos here to catalog the various and often ridiculous shit humans say.

    For instance:

    I was walking home from work today when I heard someone mutter a rather curious and aborted euphemism: "Goshdammit!"

    Now, I can only assume that this was either a) an attempted euphemism that finally succumbed to pure impotent rage b) an oddly reverent aversion to the invocation of our Lord, or c) an absurd and ill-conceived attempt to create a wholly novel imprecation.

    How 'bout it then? Let's hear shit humans say.

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    Humans don't say anything. They jibber.
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    Sayings from The Mexican guy I work with:

    I go to do pee.
    The more easy way be...
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