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Thread: Too many grandmas

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    So I can feel guilty about not visiting more demented Grandmas in nursing homes? No thanks.

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    When I was born, I had my maternal and paternal grandmas, as well as all 4 great grandmas, I think. One of the great grandmas I don't remember ever meeting, though...but I would have liked to...she was a Blackfoot Indian...never wore shoes...was quite a least according to family lore.
    My paternal grandma has quickly progressing dementia, now...but she is a saint, as far as I'm concerned...selfless, kind, hard working, faithful...raised 12 her very much, even though we never really had a close relationship. Always felt good knowing that she was praying for me, whether I was in a spiritual or atheistic phase...
    All of them were pretty great people.

    I've met a few miserable old grammas, too...but I highly recommend the sorts that I had. They were exemplars of awesomeness that the world needs more of.
    ...the origin of emotional sickness lay in people’s belief that they were their personalities...
    "The pendulum of the mind alternates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong." ~Carl Jung

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    Quote Originally Posted by oxyjen View Post
    This 'grandma solution' creates a problem of surplus mother-in-laws. I don't think you thought of the costs to your scenario.
    Solution: Make sure your mother-in-law is also your mom, like in (insert hillbilly location here ).

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