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Thread: Would you date YoungBoy Never Broke Again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeresaJ View Post
    He reminds me of Lil Wayne. This is a good thing. And what the fuck, @Thoth, no one in America talks that way... Except for low income urban youths? Are they "no one"?

    I make no apologies for fostering stereotypes to coddle to delicate sensibilities. I've known and worked with plenty of people who come from poor urban areas, and while I'm sure among peers they may talk as he does, among everyone else, when they want respect, they do not. Only a real thug wants to be seen as a thug. The rest have to do it to look strong because of their circumstance, but I have yet to someone who really wants to live in those circumstances.

    So yes, I say fuck you, to the bullshit support of stereotypes and the glorification of that stereotype.

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    How could anyone reminding anyone of Little Wayne be a good thing?
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