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Thread: Everyone posts a picture of a dwelling for sale in the area where they live

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    Note: I actually live in the northern Dallas (outside of 'Dallas') area

    I've noticed some properties further out that I've considered buying (one time I was looking at property in an 'Old West' town called Bonham, in Texas, and I was thinking I might like to buy a motorcycle to drive long distances though realized it would probably be best just to get a better job and not think about "saving money.")

    One of the things about a property is that I have little incentive to own more than the space I can accommodate (and my room for example has probably the same contents as most people's homes, and I may simply move something like a bike out of the room if I need to work on a beer project or retrieve the humongous telescope from the closet (which incidentally I've managed to not use either bike or telescope for close to a year it seems.) Come to think of it, I can't say whether I would ever buy a >$1 million home if I had $2 million (and neither would I necessarily want to own more than a million, consider I have little aspiration to acquire more than $100k.) Noticing the age of some of these >$1 million homes, I find it curious that many of them have only been lived in for a few years.

    North Dallas mostly just has lots or apartments and condos available in the sub-100k range.

    South Dallas has all the sub-100k homes, that would be pretty decent if fixed up, however you are still in an area that is affected by gentrification and is prone to more crime activity. The commute is still only good if you work directly in Dallas, though if having to get a job elsewhere, would likely have to take the toll road to the northern parts of Dallas, to make it somewhat functional. Some property will get bought up for the land and torn down to make way for new development.

    This house in particular might be ideal for such: 2631 PARK ROW AVENUE DALLAS, TX 75215 on Google Maps, listed on Redfin, Zillow, or Ebby for $70k.

    $65k house in need of repair 1327 Exeter Ave Dallas, TX 75216 though perhaps bordering on being demolished.

    20k more: 8150 Burroaks Dr Dallas, TX 75217 at $90k and is still in the South Dallas (away from most jobs). I suspect gentrification is keeping people in these lower areas that would rather not live closer north.

    Slightly closer to the central Dallas location is 2831 Marburg St, Dallas, TX 75215 which claims "2831 Marburg St, Dallas, TX 75215 is a single family home built in 1924. The $82,000 estimated value is 80.24% less than the median listing price of $415,000 for the RUFCO area" (hence why these properties are sold and then demolished. . .) Building an up scale home on properties in this area could generate a lot of resell value (though of course it depends on how much capital is able to be invested, and I suppose it is risky thinking of it from a business perspective.)

    Lee Harvey Oswald's rooming Home: valued around 78k 1026 N Beckley Ave Dallas, TX 75203 though it might have actually sold for $500 thousand.

    >$500k Some condos , House 5813 Hudson St Dallas, TX 75206

    $1 million+

    5302 Miller Ave Dallas, TX 75206
    3825 Bowser Ave Dallas, TX 75219

    I noticed I had a tendency to stay above the budget on some of that.

    Here's The Five Most Expensive Homes For Sale In Dallas

    And I knew a lying Jew claiming he was going to get a settlement and buy one (he won't.)

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    Ok, last few, trying for a bit more diversity on the $1 million budget theme.

    As previously mentioned, you can go for a factory conversion if you want to stay in hip downtown close to everything.
    3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car spaces. Generally apartments a bit more value than the townhouses, which are a bit more value than the houses/workers cottages.


    You may want to head down near the arts precinct, away from the graffiti, riff raff, and nearer to the old money.

    Unfortunately, $1 million isn't going to get very much. I managed to find this place.

    Older style sub-divided brick mansion: 2 bed, 2 bath apartment.

    If i cheat and up my price, i can get you this Victorian:
    3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car spaces.
    Almost the most scenic part of town, limited graffiti and riff raff.
    Opposite botanical gardens, small tram ride to art galleries and performance halls.
    Only $2.5 mil USD. I'd be a fool not to buy!

    And lastly, the Australian dream:

    Suburban paradise. In the great sprawl.
    4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car.
    Yours for only 900,000 USD (+ 50,000 transfer duty).
    Get it while it lasts!

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    I found out something interesting $25K property to a $400K Lake House using 1031 exchanges

    Not sure if this is as easy, depending on circumstances or region.

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