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Thread: Shit Coffee (aka Kopi Luwak)

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    Thought of this thread from the dollar store today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarIII View Post
    Thought of this thread from the dollar store today.

    I had one of those and they taste like shit too so you're not far off.

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    I've had kopi. A friend of mine brought a bag of pre-ground over while they were visiting, and reacted with horror that I used up most of it for one cup. Stale pre-ground coffee wasn't about to knock my socks off whether handpicked from poop or otherwise, but it was decent. I'd venture a premium bag of regular beans from a local roaster would taste better anyway.
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    These things always seem to make the rounds.

    I'm a tea drinker, and my least favorite cuppa is Pu'er. Basically you take perfectly fine leaves, toss them in a cave or some other dark and damp place, and let them moulder for a few months. Then you pack them up, dry and sell. Recently have become a thing, with lots of idiots ^h^h^h talking about this or that 'fine vintage'. For kicks I tried it once; tasted like dirt.

    Another is Kombucha. My mother was into this back in the '80's, it's a fungus that grows in water, you take off some water and drink it. Raw if I recall, you don't even heat it up to get it's 'full effects'. Naturally later it was found to often harbor bacteria and other nasties.

    People like to pick up odd, possibly dangerous foods and diets and believe it's got special properties, nothing new here. This particular one is disgusting obviously.

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