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Thread: Plant Intelligence & Consciousness

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    I've looked into this when arguing with galaxy brained anti-vegetarians lol. I don't believe that plants have subjective experience. They have no central nervous system. Even if they did have feeling, why? It's not like it would help them. The only reason animals experience pleasure and pain is because they are able to freely move around in response to it. It's not as if there is some abstract Cosmic Reason that stuff hurts.

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    I recently watched a movie called arrival and i thought it had a beautiful message, for me it's about how pathetic human language is and how much it tries to trap the magic of things or order the underlying chaos and how attempting to reconcile the contradictions in our nature is no good for our future. We have to think and speak through or mind visuals.

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    I'm guessing plants are one rung above black people?

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