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Thread: Knowing your type - how do you use that information?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mxx View Post
    What age group do you belong to, if I may ask?
    Iím in my 30ís.

    I think you made a valid point addressing mbti type as a possible benefit but also a possible restraint. Thatís why I think thatís important to differentiate mbti and other similar kind of theories from science, and not use it as a guideline for decision-making.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mxx View Post
    Welcome, by the way. Hope you enjoy your stay for however long you're around.
    Thanks! Iím looking forward to have interesting conversations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blobfish View Post
    Thanks! I’m looking forward to have interesting conversations.

    Have you recently learned about MBTI, or have you known about it for a while and just getting back into it?

    Just thought of another practical use: when you're killing time in airports or public spaces, to try to guess a person's personality type by their dress/behavior. Just as a fun pastime.

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    I'm a Si dom, but label myself as an ISFP to feel less rigid. I use the cognitive function stacks to type MBTI. Some people disagree with that method, and prefer to look solely at the dichotomies. I understand the limitations and flaws, but take away what I perceive as good. I can't perfectly put into words what I use any of it for. It just sits in the back of my brain, and surfaces when it wants to. It'll pop up sometimes in an effort to rationalize behavior (mine or others') which I understand is simply a coping mechanism, filling a want to compartmentalize, etc.

    I've had a weird relationship with MBTI. I've jumped around from thinking it was the greatest thing to outright dubbing it pseudoscience, next to astrology and phrenology. I fall somewhere in the middle now by taking the good, and leaving the bad.

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    I know I've said this many other times before, but I think it applies here.

    Personally, I strongly prefer Keirsey's system over MBTI itself(*). That aside, however, both are at best descriptive. They should not be applied prescriptively. And insofar as it can be descriptive, it can be predictive, but in both cases, only approximately so. Approximately enough to be useful, but neither certain nor complete.

    I've applied Keirsey type theory to help understand others more quickly/fully, as well as for introspective, self-exploration/self-development. Very productively, usefully so, in both cases.

    ... for MBTI reads like a bunch of unstabstantiated, arbitrary hokum (all that "functions" bullshit, for instance). Keirsey's system is based on objective, observable behaviors with no appeal to insubstantial, rather arbitrary theoretical mental "functions".

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