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Thread: Desktop PC upgrades

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuickTwist View Post
    I'm actually really interested why you eliminated Ryzen, if you don't mind my asking.
    Zero interest. I prefer Intel, long story short.

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    I'm running two water cooled 8-core AMDs at 4GHz, one with 16Gig of RAM and one with 32.

    I've been running water cooling for many years now, was into peltier cooling in the nineties, but it could make ice crystals if you aren't careful.

    I'm not big into gaming, so I just have a GTX1050 in one and a GTX 1070 in the other, mostly for cracking hashes. Usually chewing through WPA-PSK 8 character alphanumeric.

    I like running 2x 27" screens. Hard to go back to one, or smaller once you have.

    I have been running a "fast" SSD for boot and main use programs and a secondary hard drive for bulk storage, while the other PC has a 2TB RAID0, though I am migrating to a NAS mirror for bulk storage, it's just a crappy Lenovo and it's a bit slow.

    I think the only upgrade I can think of is a faster NAS, maybe an SSD based one.
    Oh, might well go with a faster SSD than the SATA bus, I'm seeing stuff in excess of a gig per second now. A terabyte of that would be nice.
    I don't think I have a CPU bottleneck. Waiting for 1080 prices to come down, but hash cracking at home is just for fun, so I can leave it running overnight.
    maybe quad screens, but that's kinda obnoxious.

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