Good: Sappho
Bad: PureViolence
Ugly: Tlalocone

Good: God
Bad: Satan
Ugly: Allah the wonderful

Good: Cowboy wearing white hat
Bad: Cowboy wearing black hat
Ugly: Cowboy wearing clown hat

Good: Marty 'Clint Eastwood' Mcfly
Bad: Bufford 'Mad Dog' Tannen
Ugly: Marty Mcfly's sneakers in Btf3 when Bufford taught him with a pistol how to dance

Good: Candide
Bad: The Grand Inqusuitor
Ugly: Cunégonde

Good: South Korea
Bad: North Korea
Ugly: a herpes on K.J.U.'s arse(It IS nasty just dare to imagine it!)

Good: Partially colonized China
Bad: Militarized Nippon
Ugly: Second Sino-Japanese War

Good: (allies)Nazi Germany
Bad: (allies) Mussolini's Italia and Romania
Ugly: (allies) Bulgaria and Hungary

Good: USA
Bad: Postcommunist Russia
Ugly: Eu(YES, it is!)