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You're welcome?

Consciousness is a loaded word. So is connection. I doubt either is happening externally, even when I speak of an antennae to the aether. I'm not talking about something either of those would describe. But I can totally understand people preferring to believe they were in contact with a meta-consciousness when a thought outside their internal narrative or what they had their attention on comes sliding into their head. It's way less frightening and stigmatizing than thinking it might be the result of other "selves" within you. Just approaching that idea springs Sybil and DID to mind. I get it. But split brain freakiness suggested to me that that needed re-thinking. The tested behaviors aside, the instant confabulation of speaking hemisphere shows why it would be hard to be aware of it.

Then there's the enteric nervous system. It ain't just to keep the plumbing running. It houses most of our neurotransmitters, and science has demonstrated it is not a slave system to the brain in our head. They affect each other. This is why comfort food is a thing. It's also why our emotions are felt so much in our torso.

That's at least three potential consciousnesses. I know no reason to believe the upper limit is small.
Yeah but did you take the hippie drugs? Did you feel it, man? Or did you just think it?