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Thread: Congratulations to *ME*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sappho View Post
    That's nice and all, but does this stuff really merit its own thread?
    I'd rather have some content than no content.

    So no, I guess it doesn't "merit" its own thread, but I also don't mind it.

    She got a job and wanted to talk about it. My general rule is: If you don't care, ignore the thread, and make one you find more interesting. To each their own though.
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    So wait, shingles is some demented second form of chicken pox? What's the final form?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuck View Post
    So wait, shingles is some demented second form of chicken pox? What's the final form?!
    Yeah, it's literally just the same chickenpox infection you had as a kid (which is a herpes virus that builds a nice little homestead in your nervous system and can't be removed for the rest of your life) waking up from a long nap and being super pissed off at you.

    It hurts a whole fuckton more than the rash from initial infection does.

    Evidently in most cases the reactivation stays confined to a relatively small area--like, the telltale sign to watch out for is a skin rash in the shape of a line along the plane of your torso, around one side from your spine to your sternum, though hopefully not that whole distance. Mine only covered part of my back, and "road rash" is a pretty good comparison to what it felt like.

    It pretty much starts as chicken pox, then turns into big pussy blisters which then pop and become open sores and then eventually scab over and heal. (But the skin under and around them for several layers down is also painfully inflamed for most of the time that process takes, which is usually like 2-4 weeks.)

    I've heard of the kind of cases Heph mentions, though, where it spreads much more aggressively and/or gets activated within some particularly important nerve, such as the optical nerve. You can get seriously fucked up if you're unlucky.

    The medical advice I was given was basically "Well, it's going to suck for a while and you'll mostly just have to ride it out--but Jesus Christ, call us immediately if you think it might be spreading into your eyes."

    (Also, "A PLOS Medicine study that tracked about 67,000 people ages 65 and older who were newly diagnosed with shingles found that stroke risk more than doubled in the first week after the shingles diagnosis.")

    I certainly hope that was its final form in my case, but I suppose I can't be certain.

    If chicken pox was the face hugger, then this was the adult xenomorph with the skull-raping dick-mouth appendage. If there's a queen yet to be met, I kinda don't want to even think about it too much.

    Kids my son's age are getting a chicken pox vaccine now, which I guess you can still take if you're an adult who's already infected for some reduction in your shingles risk factor, though by no means a guarantee.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ptah View Post
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    Well it is in the careers section...

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