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Thread: After Death

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    based on what research i've done, anyone who dies will by necessity judge their own life (and sometimes those of others)---not just abstractly or as a whole, but by reliving every moment and every detail thereof in infinitely more detail, poignancy, and understanding than was experienced during the incarnation. there appears to be a review board of sorts, just after death, where you "sit down" with a relatively small group of ostensibly more experienced souls (for lack of a better term) who then go over everything you've done and experienced in this most recent incarnation alongside you.

    unpleasant emotions having a keenness to them that pleasant ones lack, the shame at all the less-than-noble things you've done would be unbearable before these higher-order beings, were it not for their aura of utter benevolence and understanding. rather than shaming you, or even telling you what to do next, they offer empathy and advice for your next incarnation, or for whatever span of time you choose to spend in the bardo before reincarnating.

    i'm trying to get some sense of the afterlife/interlife experience through my explorations with Dimitri. i believe it is possible to come into contact with these beings, though perhaps not the exact members of the review board. like attracts like: this is a Hermetic principle, is it not? so maybe by being a higher-order being yourself, you would find it easier to achieve contact with higher-order discarnate entities, rather than the more---shall we say---unpleasant ones.
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