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Thread: Earn your INTPx Spirit Name and Introduction

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hephaestus View Post
    I think we should add another for how many completed homeworks don't get graded.
    They will all be done and those asking to join will get quests for the foreseeable future. Moving my daughter into dorms this week, so there may be a delay. I have a rough draft of the first ceremony sitting on my pc that I started days ago.
    Quote Originally Posted by whatloveihave View Post
    I don't find you a potential threat to human society, you're not crazy. Feces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACow View Post
    "You think that i",
    he said with a lark,
    "would provide
    the specified

    How convenient,
    I lack a life,
    and also absent,
    is the wife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stigmatica View Post
    The Lord of all that is Latch caught me unprepaired, Iím winging your quest if Iím being fair. I think that our logo could use some flair, digital wonder could be your fare! Black and white, like movies of old, but loaded with tech that makes grandmas moan. Do this, and youíre no longer alone?
    Wat! That's impossible! it will take longer.
    Stand clear of the closing doors, please.

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