what are some minor, concrete changes you've made to your immediate environment that have caused a significant improvement in an ongoing problem you had?

what was the ongoing problem before?
(examples: problems with focus, sleep, relaxation, productivity, creativity)

how has it been improved with the minor change(s)?

i'm wondering about this cuz (if you're like me) it's really easy to consider major changes in behavior or committing to "life projects" while downplaying or completely ignoring the environment this is all happening in. i'm also very sensitive to environmental/external stimuli, so it doesn't make a lot of sense. i've noticed that i have to frequently change the places i'm working in, for example. i have my favorite cafe, but once something about the place changes, i'm unable to get anything done there, so i have to rotate between cafes. but i JUST got this marvelous idea that i could probably try to create the ideal sort of working space at home, with the time and energy i currently have. the alternative is doing a lot of traveling and moving. (nothing wrong with that as i've been doing this with working and living spaces as i'm able, but it's expensive and sometimes hard.)