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Thread: Minor changes in environment that make a huge impact

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    Quote Originally Posted by jigglypuff View Post
    i'm thinking about getting one of those wake-up light alarm clocks. i get this noticeable drop in mood whenever the weather goes from bright to overcast/smothery and i'm wondering if a clock would help regulate my... whatever

    can i ask what kind you have? @TeresaJ @Light Leak

    does anybody have recommendations for one of these clocks and how well do they generally "work" for whatever is your issue? does this affect your mood?

    i'm looking on amazon and obviously i'd prefer to not break the bank.
    I just had a conversation about this. The SO was asking how I could stand the rude awakening from my alarm. I think I got used to having something jolt me awake like resuscitation during that period I wasn't sleeping. I don't remember being any less annoyed by something that just sounds progressively louder.

    A wake-up light though, that seems nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jigglypuff View Post
    can i ask what kind you have?
    I have this one. I don't think the light itself affects my mood. It's not that bright. At full brightness it's dimmer than my beside lamp. The only affect on mood that it might have is that it lets me wake up gradually and doesn't jar me awake so I might be less grumpy in the morning because of that.

    I got this specific light alarm clock because the clock display can be turned off completely. A lot of the more expensive light alarm clocks the display could only be dimmed. If it can't be turned off completely it's a dealbreaker for me. I'm very sensitive to light when I sleep. I have blackout curtains and nothing can be emitting light in my bedroom. The only issues I have with it is that sometimes the touch buttons on the front can be stubborn and I have to press them several times and I wish the light got a little brighter. Other than that it works great.

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    I used to have wrap around deskspace on three sides of my office with shelves on the back of each desk that were cluttered to the ceiling, books stacked underneath, posters and pictures thumbtacked to every square inch of space, and an old single bulb ceiling light fixture that was not capable of producing the lumens the room needed. Last month I did a drastic reducto renovation.

    I got rid of two carloads to goodwill, and threw out two giant industrial garbage bags of crap no one would want, sold a fuckton of old books to a used bookstore, and put industrial shelves in the closets (the room is meant to be a spare bedroom).

    I organized all my shit into bins on the shelves.

    I got rid of all but one desk...a high quality "developer desk." Put in a high quality shelf/file cabinet piece of furniture. That's all the furniture. One wall has all the furniture, the other walls are free and so is the floorspace there.

    The walls are blank and being spackled for painting. All posters and decals have been removed.

    All my star trek memorabilia is now on a antique shelfy sideboardy thing in the wide part of the hallway just outside my office. Looks good there too.

    I installed a really bright fluorescent light fixture with a dimming switch.

    Most available cabinet/shelf top surface is dedicated to cat beds.

    I've got these ( installed wall to wall on the floor, cut to size so there is no mat travel, so that I can get as crazy as I want dodging stuff in VR and not destroy my back and feet and knees. In front of my desk I have a clear octagonal floor mat that keeps my chair wheels from cutting into my zebramats.

    When the paint job is done, there will be a fold up standing-height countertop that I can use for workspace/standing desk without cutting into my VR space. The standing desk will be especially awesome for when I am in VR in Virtual Desktop. I'll be able to put a keyboard and trackball on it and work on my 20 foot screen.

    The changes have freed up enough space for me to film for that youtube channel I've been talking about for years. It was too cramped in here for decent camerawork before. I've already got the greenscreen curtain on the side of the room that has the closets and door. I had to remove the closet doors because they would not open with the mats on the floor.

    The effect. The room seems twice as big. The reduced clutter has a positive effect on my ability to concentrate, which is super important if you are working for yourself in a creative field with no deadlines.

    Do not underestimate this aspect: the cats have ample comfy places to go that aren't in front of my screen, so they don't interfere with my work very often, but they can hang out with me all day.

    The lighting effect ... I have no way to measure it, but I know I'm not reaching for the desk lamp and reading glasses nearly as often and I don't tend to get sleepy when I'm writing anymore.

    Overall, I think having blank spaces invites the creative mind to create, while cluttered spaces invite the creative mind to consume. Don't get me wrong; I heart clutter and toys and having a million things for my brain to play with, but I don't think it's the right mental framing for creative work. It's more suited for hanging out and listening to music.

    I have a VR home base that I can clutter the crap out of and listen to music in.

    Of course this doesn't constitute a "minor" change, lol.
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