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Thread: User Interface Design Should be Limited Contract Work Only

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    I'm with Heph on this one. Looking dated is a stupid reason to change. In fact, I think "looking dated" is primarily a marketing strategy to get people to replace things that are fully functional for no other reason than appearance (this applies more to consumables like clothing, appliance colors, car silhouettes etc, but the principle is the same).

    And there is much to be said for a fully functional system that one has grown accustomed to not to change. Familiarity breeds ease of use in this case.

    I mean, you wouldn't re-arrange all the contents of your kitchen cupboards and cabinets just because having your plates on the middle shelf is "so five years ago". You know where everything is, you are not having problems reaching anything, so you leave the arrangement as is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hephaestus View Post

    The UI for Chrome was fine. The new UI doesn't expose new features, it just looks different, ugly, and juvenile, as if we needed protection from angles or we might cut our eyes on them. Same for the recent Bubble-wrapification of the UI in gmail. Their last two or three changes were stupid and awful, but at least they allowed me to roll back most of them.
    This pretty much describes how I feel about the new GMail design.

    Iím not averse to change but please if you fix something that ainít broken, make it at least intuitive. Also I think the new Chrome tabs look is just dumb. I donít want to hover over the bubble thingy to figure out which website is which. Itís confusing, therefore dumb.

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