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Thread: High Profile Fuggups!

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    High Profile Fuggups!

    Nothing gets TV Network business and legal affairs execs ta dancin' quite like being able to unload a large, dead-weight contract by firing someone with cause! Poor Megyn, didn't realize her family's tradition of dressing up in blackface and reciting Stepin Fetchit wasn't practiced throughout the country on Halloween as much as her country club led her to believe.

    I'm not even sure if that's the biggest boneheaded move this week despite receiving ample warnings on their words or behavior in the past. Swag Kelly, nephew of HoF'er, Jim Kelly, who had been kicked off his high school team and booted from Clemson University, learned just how short the leash is for Mr Irrelevant in the pros, even if a fan favorite and heir apparent to Broncos QB legacy thrown, after getting arrested for welp, being a belligerent guest in a home, in which he was not only not invited but chased by people who weren't even having a party.

    I think Megyn's offense was far more serious but despite facing felony charges, Kelly got off lucky considering his incident could've easily and immediately cost him his life.

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    I really don't see what all the outrage is about in the case of Megyn. I think the people who get upset by such remarks are far worse than the people who make them. For fuck's sake...

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