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Thread: What's your Side Hustle?

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    I'm not sure how excited I am to be stock trading, though I have been looking at ways to change my job; preferably one that is relatively isolated from the rest of the world.

    I've been contemplating Sea boating

    As well as taking jobs for the Borough of Land Management; I was considering tieing this into buying an RV and traveling around the country (while stock trading, though I'm sure anyone would know how this likely turns out; probably not the most favorable thing to expect, which is why most stock traders seem to want money from people that fail at it. . .)

    Something interesting is an Ice Rink attendant at an Andover Prep School (the kind that charge as much as Harvard to attend.) I would apply though it seems even if they wanted to use me, the cost of living in that area is about twice anywhere else. . .

    Maybe just working on a cruise ship (though I despise the idea of a cruise ship in general, it would be kind of cool to go along the Caribbean in a boat.)

    It should be mentioned that a lot of fraudulent job listings are used to get personal info for marketing purposes.
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    I look at side hustle as the time people used to spend standing in line at the bank or using laundry mangles or receiving letters. I got a retail job for the holidays where I am mandated to tell people to 'have a sweet day.'

    Glimpses do ye seem to see of that mortally intolerable truth; that all deep, earnest thinking is but the intrepid effort of the soul to keep the open independence of her sea; while the wildest winds of heaven and earth conspire to cast her on the treacherous, slavish shore?

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