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Thread: Racial Fetishes

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    Heard these lyrics today which reminded me of this thread.

    I like the way sparkling earrings lay
    Against your skin so brown
    And I want to sleep with you in the desert night
    With a million stars all around

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    With that head transplant thing in China, if they start matching the best body in the world with the best head in the world I bet it would be interracial and I'd be into that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Madrigal View Post
    Yeah, that was something like my default explanation. There's an interesting analysis Simone de Beauvoir does regarding the patriarchal association of women and land. Not only because of the aspect of fertility in both, but also the aspect of being regarded as a passive - though somewhat mysterious and capricious - subject which is acted upon, dominated, and owned. This type of discussion usually seems outdated at first glance, but the association of women and land, or women and nature, women and food, flowers, fruit, women and the elements, the tides, the wild, is still as ubiquitous a marketing strategy as it ever was.

    "You don't know a country until you know its women" is not as innocent a remark as it seems to some people. At least subconsciously, it's patriarchal.
    Quote Originally Posted by Madrigal View Post
    Women with racial fetishes annoy the fuck out of me. There is a racial fetish here for black men, actually. If you're a black guy in Argentina you could be getting laid every night if you wanted to, there's hardly any competition.
    so black guys are getting laid while you worry about being too 'patriarchal'?

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