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Thread: Weak men and women

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinny View Post
    I'm not sure how the definitions of weak & strong play into this statement..
    It has to do with how you insulate yourself from seeing them how they saw themselves.

    I suppose their condition was ultimately terminal.. that is interesting.
    But still depression is in the mind, and if you can't win a battle in your own mind, then I think that makes you weak.
    A battle in your mind is much much harder than a battle in physical world. Depression is like a cancer or an autoimmune disease. It rips away your tools to defend yourself, and warps your perceptions and ability to think.

    Yeah, but depression is internal, getting hit by a car is external.
    See above. Also note that external events have effects on and can be the starting point for depression. That's why changing external things in your life is one of the weapons people try to wield against it.

    Yea well, maybe accepting that you lost a loved one through no fault of their own (getting hit by a car) is easier than accepting that a loved one decided to take the quickest and easiest route of of life, despite the hole they would leave in their loved ones lives.
    I haven't found this to be true.

    And that's my point.
    I'm aware. It's what I'm arguing is fallacious. Being weaker than another person doesn't mean you are weak. Just because "A" is weaker than "B" doesn't mean "A" is weak. That's a flawed concept.

    We are all weak.
    Weakness is the human condition.
    If that is your thinking, then we're halfway to a quorum.

    You've lost me..
    Stephen Hawking endured far longer with his condition than anyone in known history. Does that mean all the people who died within a few years of being diagnosed with ALS are weak and worthy of contempt?

    @RDF: Excellent contributions to the discussion. You've better explained what I was talking about regarding the balance between internal locus of control and the uncomfortably large influence of luck.
    People think they understand their own mortality, even when that understanding has just changed.

    --Meditations on Uncertainty Vol ξ(x)

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    I think the only times I've ever thought "weak" while observing someone was when they couldn't own up to an ugly fact and deluded themselves into thinking something blissfully ignorant and detrimental.
    Otherwise, I've also at times viewed people who were easily manipulated or gave in easily to peer pressure as "weak." I suppose this sort of falls under the umbrella of what someone else mentioned prior in the thread, "lacking integrity."

    In contrast, I bet my STP/sensor family members would say "WEAK is when he can't outhold everyone else's liquor! WEAK is when he loses!!" /cue penis face drawing
    ...Perhaps that was TMI. I admit I'm slightly venting. Sorry.

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    Weak men can't bench 100 pounds.

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    I see strength as having the mental capacity to endure prolonged periods of hardship and uncertainty and to withstand pressure to compromise one's position. Resilience, fortitude and integrity might be suitable adjectives to describe strength.

    In relation to @Hephaestus's comments, someone who struggles with depression, insecurities and panic attacks could meet the definition of weakness because of the difficulty they have coping with things in life that others can successfully manage. However, I don't think it is helpful to analyse it in this way. I see it as an undesirable state and something that definitely can and should be improved to allow the person to get the most out of life that they possibly can.

    People are born with different temperaments and qualities and have different life experiences. I don't feel it is right or helpful to blame or put down people who are struggling mentally with life and can't say that I would not have turned out just like them if I was born into their life with their temperament, qualities and life experiences. They deserve love and encouragement to get them to a more positive headspace. With some people, a complete cure might be possible but for others they will always struggle to a degree with anxiety, depression and negativity but can and should aim to move to a better mental state because life has so many positive things to offer.
    Big change is coming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guess Who View Post
    Resilience, fortitude and integrity might be suitable adjectives to describe strength.
    They sure might if they were actually adjectives!

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    @ACow based on your list and my own life it seems smarter people (idk 115+) would have more strength.

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