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Thread: Electronics (solder, resistors...) fanatics?

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    Electronics (solder, resistors...) fanatics?

    Anyone else on here have a hobby with electronics?
    Consider this the official electronics projects thread.

    Please introduce yourself and answer these two questions:

    Do you have any electronics projects that have been on the back burner?

    What ones?

    Do you need some? Because I have about 75 that I am never going to get around to and nearly all of them are pretty cool.

    If I get a lot of replies here I might make an ITNP electronics forum so we don't monopolize this one.

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    I have had a project for a long time to play with the cap-resistor networks on a 70's Fender Bandmaster I've kept around for a while, to see how much more audible chime and brightness I can achieve...both before and after clipping.

    And from there I had intended to replace the power section altogether to allow for 4 EL84's, just to hear the change (if any). But I never got around to it because, ultimately, I never got out of the scheming stage.

    The goal? Try to eclipse Billy Gibbon's guitar sound on Brown Sugar. I understand he often recorded with a little tweed Princeton Reverb. The ones I've played through myself sound fantastic. And I may be mistaken but I think The Edge (of U2 fame) has a signature version, which makes sense to me given his own sound.

    Anyway, I've got an old Army electronics training manual on tube circuits and all the 50's to 70's schematics on Fender and Vox amps I'd have to review again to get started.


    Good luck with your projects
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    Mostly I like to play with ttl logic, breadboards, and Arduino. I'm not real strong with analog.

    Have a look at this thread:

    A couple of my projects are in videos on this channel:

    I have a current(get it?) electronics project but it's a secret.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LordLatch View Post
    I have a current(get it?) electronics project but it's a secret.
    Me too!
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