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Thread: Music you like with "non-mainstream" instruments

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    Question Music you like with "non-mainstream" instruments

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    A psychedelic sixties band, The 13th Floor Elevators, prominently featured the "electric jug" - which, so far as I can tell, is just a dude with a jug and a microphone (?)

    It works pretty well for their one hit. Unfortunately for some reason the jug fucker butts his way into every single goddamn song, just blowing his jug all day every day in the same stupid way. Even the band's own fans hate it and cry that they'd pay good money for some "jug-less" remasters.

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    The tablas, banjo and string bass are all conventional instruments but not as a trio. All three of these guys can play their ass off. This album is one of my favorites.

    This is not a great version of Ave Maria but it's cool what a guy can do with a saw when he sets his mind to it

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