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Thread: Smart speakers, virtual assistants (etc.)

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    Smart speakers, virtual assistants (etc.)

    ^ now that that's out of the way,

    i got an echo dot (2nd gen) as a gift and and it's amazingly convenient and useful technology. i've been using this a LOT, mainly for setting timers, routines and alarms.

    do you have one of these "smart speaker" devices? what do you use it for? would you like to explain in detail?

    what uses or skills (for echo) or apps or whatever would you recommend?

    do you prefer google home or amazon echo (what else is there)? why?

    i'm kinda late to this but i imagine some of you have already taken the plunge into "smart"-ifying your home... what have you installed, and how has it helped?

    for those of you who haven't tried any of this stuff, what are your thoughts? are you paranoid about being listened to?

    for those of you who use a smart speaker, are you paranoid about being listened to?

    how has this helped you??? really curious about this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jigglypuff View Post
    for those of you who use a smart speaker, are you paranoid about being listened to?
    Ask her how often she spies on you. She gets veryserious! "No. Never. I would never do that to you Scarydoor."

    She just wakes me up in the morning. Oh I do find it handy just to ask her what the weather will be like. It's kind of a stupid thing, but makes my life slightly more convenient and easy. (however, also it is amusing to ask her "will it rain today?" when there is currently torrential rain outside, and she confidently says "No! It's not expected to rain today in...". But she gets temperature correct.

    It seems that in this country, there are some restrictions that don't exist elsewhere. E.g. she can't wake me up to Spotify. Wtf. (she can play it) Also, can't connect to google docs/sheets/calendar/whatever. Stuff that like is limiting the potential, imo.

    I'm not getting a lot of use out of it. But it's good that I don't need my phone to wake me up now, so it stays out of the bedroom.

    I think we'll see some significant improvements to the ai over the next few years so it can engage in slightly more meaningful dialogue.

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    I've just recently started using the assistants on my new smartphone.

    Honestly, there's like three tasks I've found of actual practical use:

    1. Hands free light operation and changes: useful when sitting down with baby on lap or carrying little wrigglers. Also useful while in bed, on toilet, etc.
    2. Setting alarms (a few seconds of convenience)
    3. Setting timers while cooking (this one's actually helpful).

    I can see it also being helpful for setting appointments, but honestly I don't manage the house calendar that often, so it doesn't really get used that often because i have to manually set things for work anyway.

    Rumor has it that my work is moving to all smartphone (no desk phones), so maybe then? Though I don't know what the security implications are of using it for work...

    The AI on these things seems pretty gimmicky if you ask me, and, quite frankly, almost decades old in terms of functionality so I'm not sure there would be a physical need to call out to the cloud for my use cases. Most of the other stuff I've either found gimmicky or unwanted. For instance, with the Hue, there's an option to sync up the house lights with message/email notification. But I want my home to be relaxing, so the last thing i want is to be conditioned to have the damn place to be flashing like i'm pavlov's dog waiting for a text...

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