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Thread: 2020 Presidential race

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    How is this wrong? Aside from the killings, I'm referring to the collective and tribal group thought. I'm referring to the beatings and harassment of people wearing MAGA hats, harassing old people, denial of all mind and morals. I'm referring to the liberal bias of facebook, how 'we're undeniably right. We just are." There's no plausible deniability. This is not in reference to the 3/8s of Ellen Degenereses such as Jen that are merely nice people who have compassion.

    I'm talking about how these protesters today call the president a Nazi and don't apply the same logic, and how, if anything, they are more Nazi like. They were the ones susceptible to Hitler's propaganda. They made Jews the enemy just how they made Donald Trump and his sympathizers the enemy. I'm talking about blind hate. Even the Nazis had their intelligent ones.

    Anyways I tried. Still in the Joker mindset from last night. Went to the late night showing till 2 am. I appreciate y'all but you need people like me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grape Johnson View Post
    How is this wrong?
    So you're not trying to tell a misguided joke? I thought you were just trying to be edgy.

    Ok, but I still don't think you honestly believe that your experience is remotely comparable a Jew during the Holocaust. Thought experiment: would you say what you just said to a Holocaust survivor in person? Spoiler: the answer will be no. Next, consider why that is.

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    If I was trying to make a joke, I might say something like Trump is the coming of Jesus and liberals are the Antichrist.

    To be honest I believe a holocaust survivor would see my point that there are "similarities" in the collectivism today and the collectivism back then, I would explain as the kind of people you see on the other side of the witch hunt, the kind of people that killed Socrates, the kind of people that killed Galileo or what ever, we still see today in a more civilized form, I would explain and would be able to say, I'm not like them, I'm your friend.

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