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Thread: 2020 Presidential race

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faust View Post
    Does he appear far removed enough from what Clinton represented? I'm not imagining Mr. business-as-usual enticing voters to rob a 2nd term, he still not being a household name, and all the while the progressives won't pull enough.
    I think a candidate like Beto has a fairly good chance.

    Clinton had her own personal baggage--her attempts to connect with different voters seemed desperate and clumsy; die-hard progressives had beef with her Wall Street connections, and some of her husband's more centrist policies on prison, welfare regulations, and DOMA, for example; and others saw the forecasts that Clinton was a shoo-in and either didn't vote or voted third party.

    Trump won due to 80,000 votes in three key states. Also this election Trump no longer has 'outsider' status. He now *is* the Establishment and can't make promises of what he is *going* to do, he has to explain what he has successfully done. The economy is doing well so that might be enough for him to win again. I think Democrats are highly motivated to vote in a way they weren't in 2016, but we'll see. I much prefer the narrative being that Trump will surely win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jyng1 View Post
    Buttigieg will grab all the religious grannies.
    He's gay. Zero chance of getting the religious vote or beating Trump.

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    Trump is just gonna keep being Trump. He knows how to work a crowd and Twitter is made for people like him. "Make America Great Again" "Build the Wall" "Fake News" "Crooked Hillary" "No Collusion" "Witch Hunt". That is the game, do you really want to find a good candidate who can win that game? The only decent proposal I've seen is Bernie just because he's not instantly forgettable. And that's not much. This article is what I think the Democrats need to understand:
    Quote Originally Posted by excerpt
    Mic Work & Cutting A Promo And Getting “Over”
    This is the wrestling skill that I most strongly associate with Donald Trump and where he is head and shoulders above every other Republican and most Democrats.

    The best wrestlers are not the men and women who are the strongest or the best at actually wrestling. It isn’t that wrestling skill and technique don’t matter, but in a “sport” where the outcome is predetermined, the wrestling skill and athleticism are secondary to the character work.

    And in wrestling, as in politics, this comes down to “mic work.” Microphone skills are essential to both professions. Someone who hems and haws and is unable to entrance an audience will be an absolute failure at both politics and wrestling.

    Hulk Hogan, arguably one of the most popular wrestlers in history, is not that great of a wrestler. His signature move is dropping his leg across the chest of his opponent, but it isn’t a very difficult maneuver in the pantheon of wrestling.

    What Hogan was good at was “cutting a promo,” the video vignettes that precede wrestling matches. In those promos, Hogan would talk up his physical prowess (his “24-inch pythons,” referring to his biceps) and discuss — at length — just what he planned to do when he got his opponent in the ring, “brother.”

    Watching a Donald Trump speech, he does exactly the same thing! Trump talks about how he’s “killing” his opponents in the polls, belittles them — usually about their physical appearance — and touts how he’s going to dismantle them, only instead of doing this ahead of a match, Trump is talking about primary elections and caucuses.

    This also gets to a bone of contention I have with some who have praised Trump for having sharp insight into voter attitudes. Nonsense.

    When wrestlers began creating a new character or a new angle for their character (going from face to heel or vice versa is a standard wrestling plot point), they test out lines with the audience. The entire point of this exercise is to get a rise out of the crowd and it doesn’t matter whether it’s cheers or boos. As long as you get a reaction, its working.

    Trump tries out lines, in order to get a reaction both from his immediate audience and from the media. If it doesn’t get a “pop” he abandons it, which is also what wrestlers do if the audience doesn’t engage with a line or saying. When they do react, the powers that be in the wrestling industry often rush a t-shirt or hat into production with the saying on them. Sort of like Trump and his trucker hats over the last few months.

    These actions are all designed to “get over,” that is, get viewers to become fans. If you get them on their side, it means success, whether its Obama supporters donating to the campaign or Stone Cold fans purchasing t-shirts with skulls on them.
    Trump won because he understands what the game is. The lesson should be that we need to change the game. Most people know that but would still rather just win the game.

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    I "checked out" of American politics post Trump.

    The Russians & Syrians kicked American arse in the Middle East and it's becoming evident that American power & influence is gradually losing it's clout.

    I do wonder what becomes of America post Trump.
    I did wonder how do you were supposed to top GwB jnr, but then came Barack Obama, the black card. Then they had Clinton to play, the female card.. but they offered Trump instead, a supposed "outlier", but in reality, he was just more Establishment.

    America's elite have played all the cards I'm interested in already, I highly doubt I will like, admire or trust any candidates put forth.

    I'm looking forward to seeing America implode, whilst the far East take over the world, and places like Scandinavia prosper.
    Those who begin coercive elimination of dissent soon find themselves exterminating dissenters. Compulsory unification of opinion achieves only the unanimity of the graveyard.

    ~ Robert Jackson, Statesman (1892-1954)

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