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Thread: questioning your competency

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    questioning your competency

    Throughout my life, I've endeavored to challenge myself and never stay too long in a place once I've gotten comfortable or mastered a skill set / role. So I'll excitedly reach way beyond what I think is possible just for the hell of it - but then when an opportunity is offered (or rapidly developing), I get terrified that I'm not going to be able to meet expectations or produce desired results. I'm mostly talking about my career, but I guess it's happened in personal matters as well.

    Thing is, this has never actually occured. When I've seized these opportunities, I'm always able to handle it and exceed expectations, even if the first steps are shaky. Yet, I always go through this process and I find it annoying; the constant questioning of my competency and self-doubt. "Oh shit, what have I done...?" ..."Am I going to be able to do this?"..."Is this going to be the time when I fuck everything up and get laughed out of town ?"..."Am I smart/talented enough?"

    Looking back, I can see these fears were unfounded. And I'm sure my current fears are the same way. But I still feel them and I wish I didn't.

    If you go through this, how do you deal with it? And can I expect to be going through this cycle for the rest of my life?

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    Technically, I'll just dive into things and try my best. I'm pretty easy going: I'll tell you what I do know, what I don't know and am willing to try, when I make a mistake, and when I think you're wrong, if it's appropriate. I want to make people happy, so my ambition eases up when confronted with an actual person. It took me a couple years of working in various settings to get there.

    It got easier for me as I got more experienced.

    Personally is still challenging. Sometimes people are insecure or grumpy or whatever, and dealing with them takes a lot of patience and forbearance, especially in a creative field where everyone has to be really open all the time, and you're trying to build something new. Teams take some effort to gel, so I usually try to outlast and pick my shots. Lot of compliments.

    It's gotten better than it was before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pan_Sonic_000 View Post
    If you go through this, how do you deal with it? And can I expect to be going through this cycle for the rest of my life?
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    Awash with doubt, I asked her out -
    Her sigh was sad and slow.
    'I can't,' she said, and shook her head...
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