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Thread: Cat litter recommendations

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    The turn this discussion has taken has me imagining the kitty equivalent of a training potty: a litterbox shaped like a toilet that dumps the litter into a waste receptacle when the "flush" lever is pawed.
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    I bought cheap cat litter for the kitten I fostered. Sufficed. I did have to scoop out the clumps but honestly the scooping didn't bother me as much as the kitten jumping and playing in his litter while I did the scooping.
    I was more concerned about the container for the cat litter. You'll want something deep.

    On another note, I hear that if the cat has been declawed, some types of litters might be very painful for it and so it will not use its litter box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinny View Post
    Wood pellets. It's cheap and cheerful. We recently bought a month's work for 5.99
    I think this is worth a try, 40 pound bags of wood pellets are 6 or 7 bucks here and seem to be higher quality material than most cat litter and we've used it in a pinch. Odor control is a big deal, maybe just throw some baking soda on the wood pellets?

    When our cat was alive we used some sort of wheat chaff odor control stuff or something like that. Once it died I noticed the smell from the litter box was much better.

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