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Thread: Does yogurt make you happier?

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    Eating healthier and exercising makes you feel better and yogurt may be a small part of that. Is it going to cure your depression? Probably not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Light Leak View Post
    Whatever the specific process is the gut microbiome is still communicating with the brain.
    Maybe. Or it might be something more along the lines of a drought--or shortage of skilled workers. This is to say, microbes can have an effect on our mood and thinking without it being communication. An easy example is illness. Illness from a bacterial or viral infestation can affect your mood, but it isn't because the invader is sending nastygrams. It's because making the body inhospitable for them makes the body less hospitable to us/itself.

    I find it easier to believe that we react to missing the output of beneficial bacteria, as we do to the harmful output of more malignant bacteria, than that the bacteria is communicating with us in the same way I don't think the fridge is telling me I need to buy eggs because I see I'm running low.

    But it is interesting to entertain the thought that our renters are complaining to the super about their accommodations.

    There was this study where they found that certain strains were missing in people with depression. It just seems like a pretty large portion of data is probably coming from the gut so that has to affect something especially if data is off.
    Neat! There's also a bacteria that has been identified as having a negative correlation with obesity. Allegedly there is work being done to find a way to bring it market in the same way we do the cultures found in dairy. Hopefully similar work will be done with those negatively correlated with depression--because that sounds much better than a fecal transplant.

    For some reason I'm more attracted to the idea of treating depression with bacterial adjustment than anti-depressants.

    Yeah, there are other sources of information that also contribute to mood. I still think the gut contributes to mood though. I'm not sure if vision has more influence. I have days where if my mood is low enough nothing I see is going to change that, no matter how beautiful it is. Vision might have a more instant effect on mood though. If stuff is off in the gut I'm not sure that probiotics have an instant effect. It may take awhile to restore the balance.
    I'm confident our enteric nervous system influences our mood. Comfort food is a real thing. The interplay between mood and gut behavior is clearly bidirectional. I was just questioning the reasoning you'd presented for it.
    People think they understand their own mortality, even when that understanding has just changed.

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    I've loved yogurt my whole life. I especially like the thick greek style ones and of course I prefer something that's live culture over just corn syrup, fruit flavoring and dye.

    My most favorite yogurts are publix select store brand, but I'm making do with a Scottish brand called Rowan Glen rich and creamy.

    There could be something to it. I'm not all that well in tune with my biorhythm (assuming there even is a rhythm)

    I just checked the ingredients as I just bought one and it contains "black carrot juice concentrate". Blessed are the black carrot juicers.

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