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Thread: Anyone play Obduction in VR?

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    Anyone play Obduction in VR?

    @oxyjen I know for sure.

    Cyan (the creators of Myst, Riven, etc) are making a new game, Firmament. It's a kickstarter, similar to Obduction. They're building it primarily for VR, similar to Obduction.

    And obduction was... ok. I quite enjoyed it at the time, but I don't... long to revisit it. The way I felt and still fell about certain ages in the Myst series.

    I wonder if part of that is that I played it on a 2D, suboptimal laptop rather than in VR.

    Perhaps it was much more immersive and intuitive in VR.

    ...I guess what I really want to know is - should I start to get my hopes of about Firmament? Should I simultaneously fantasize about getting into VR or maybe working out a deal with one of my friends who already has VR?

    ...I think I feel about the Myst games the way that other people feel about introducing their kids to Star Wars.
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    I should probably start up again, I haven't played it in months. I hit a wall with progression in puzzles and got distracted with other games. At the beginning, the puzzles flowed one right into another pretty naturally from exploration. Then I sort of got stuck and spent a lot of time going between different "worlds" to try to figure out what comes next and so far the next puzzle/solution isn't readily apparent.

    It is really pretty to see in person.

    They're releasing Oculus Quest, a self-contained VR unit with no cords. The price is very reasonable too! I volunteer you to be the guinea pig for the system and return to review

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