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Thread: Awesome Words that You Just Learned

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    Awesome Words that You Just Learned

    serpiginous -- adjective form of serpigo

    A serpigo is a creeping rash or similar skin condition with blemishes and lesions. A good example is herpes or ringworm.

    Serpiginous therefore is like ringworm-infected skin, a useful adjective for describing the personality of someone whose company you do not enjoy.
    "I don't have psychological problems." --Madrigal

    "When you write about shooting Polemarch in the head, that's more like a first-person view, like you're there looking down the sight of the gun." --Utisz

    David Wong, regarding Chicago
    Six centuries ago, the pre-Colombian natives who settled here named this region with a word which in their language means "the Mouth of Shadow". Later, the Iroquois who showed up and inexplicably slaughtered every man, woman and child renamed it "Seriously, Fuck that Place". When French explorer Jacques Marquette passed through the area he marked his map with a drawing of a brownish blob emerging from between the Devil's buttocks.

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    tsundoku (japanese): buying books and not reading them; letting books pile up unread on shelves or floors or nightstands.

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