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Thread: ARBY'S

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    Quote Originally Posted by rep
    Take that thang out. Wave it around, get your food, when back in the parking lot, take it out n wave it again, then dip out. Youths are afraid of that thang. Tellem say "you want some? u don't want none this" then put it back where u got it. Enjoy!
    That'll curl their fries

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoneyJungle View Post
    That'll curl their fries
    I wonder who that was. Lol

    Might try the Bbq burger at Wendies today. Heard that was good.
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    I went to Arbys once, shortly after it opened in Wake Forest, NC. Used the drive through, ate a bunch of curly fries, found a deep fried pubic hair in there.
    Never went back. Anywhere. Not even if it's midnight near a California airport and the only place I see open. I'll keep driving.
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