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Thread: About how much caffeine can you tolerate?

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    Assuming 1 8oz cup of coffee is about 100mg, I would say I could handle about 1000mg (10 cups) before getting jittery.

    I don't drink that much, my routine is 4 cups a day (32oz). But on occasion I've gone to the 6 cup level with no noticeable affect. I think I might get a bit wired up around 10 though.

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    I don't drink coffee. I will generally switch between 5 hour energy or some type of caffeine energy, Monster or Rock Star knockoff. I think those go up to 240mg per 16 oz can. I'll have those in the afternoon, just to get me through work. I've never really needed to consume more than one of those. Sometimes it's as if my body gets acclimated to certain products and they become less effective. Like if I were to take 5 hour energy Mon, Tues and Weds, most likely if I tried to drink one on Thurs it wouldn't do anything for me.

    The times I have been effected negatively by likely too much caffeine have resulted in an upset stomach. It's more akin to that blah feeling of eating too many potato chips. If I have a lot of headaches right in a row, I can get the upset stomach from taking too many Excerdin in a short amount of time. Even if it's below the label warning amount, they have a sizable amount of caffeine and I'll often take two with a Dr Pepper, so like three doses in a 48 hr period would likely make my stomach queezy.

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