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Thread: Senior-Proofing a Computer

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    Tangential, but it points to another place of concern you might have overlooked.

    My father lost his key fob for his van. It's a newer van so that fob is the key. I related elsewhere how I got him a new one, but this is thread for relating how it was found.

    It caused his printer to jam.

    It must have fallen into the paper feed tray. He has significant loss of feeling in his fingertips and feet, and with his tremor, he's a dropper. He's also going deaf. He might need a nat 20 to pass a check to see if he noticed dropping a fob onto a stack of paper.

    In you senior proofing, think about the printer. There's a ton of shitty printers. Most of them are shitty. I wish I could tell you a good one. If you help her get a printer, try to find the simplest most braindead model available. No colour printing! If all you have is black ink then that's the only one that can run out.

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    An antivirus program should start screaming loudly if you download anything remotely like a virus. That's what mine does.

    Also of course I have things like adblocking, tracker blocking, https everywhere, etc.

    Might want to introduce a password manager of some sort. Then can use strong passwords without the hassle.

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